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Este es un pequeño cuento escrito e ilustrado por Leonardo Jr. a la edad de ocho años:
This is a little story written and illustrated by Leonard Jr. when he was eight years old:


Leonardo is a detective, and he works for the police department. One day, a banker called 911 on the telephone. When the police answer the phone, the banker said, "HELP! Someone just robbed my bank. The thief had a gun, and he made us give him all of our money. He had a mask on his face. Please come quickly!"
The person who answered the phone called Leonardo right away. He told Leonardo to go over the bank and search for clues.

Leonardo got into a police car and drove to the bank. He talked to all the people who worked at the bank. Then he went out to his car again and drove to the library. He wanted to look for a book about clues to find out how he could get the robber. He learned he should go at night back to the bank, because the robber might come back to steal more money.

Leonardo went to the bank that night. He waited outside in his police car. By accident, he turned on his siren but he decided THE SIREN WAS NOT A GOOD IDEA! Then he turned off the lights and waited. The robber returned and went into the bank. Leonardo came out of the car and turned on his flashlight. The robber found the money, he heard a NOISE...

Leonardo got out his gun. The robber got the money and Leonardo said, "HEY! YOU STOP!" The robber put his hands up. Leonardo took the money and put him in jail and gave the money back to the bank.

Leonardo felt mad at the robber for stealing the money. He was happy when he got the robber. He went back home. It was 1:00 a.m. and he ate dinner and went to bed. He watched a little bit of T.V. He said good night to his wife and kiss his sleeping children. Then he went to sleep. It was the next morning. He went to the police station and his boss told him he could get the day off.
He took his children and his wife to the Chinese restaurant. He ordered rice with shrimp and noodle soup with a cup of tea and he ate cheesecake.

Leonardo Alfredo

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